Career Development

Career Development

Why Join Bailey Properties?

Paul and Robert Bailey are true team leaders.  Dedicated to the success of each and every REALTOR® associated with Bailey Properties, they are personally engaged in the continuous development and support of the entire team including managers, REALTORS® and staff.

 The two brothers believe in quality career development.   The company is organized around offering full service, quality education, and the opportunity for personal growth.  A key factor to delivering on this belief is the recruiting and retaining of high quality management and staff.

Join the Team that provides the knowledge, resources, and marketing tools that will lead to your success.  We are a regional independent real estate company with national reach and recognition.  We empower REALTORS® to be successful by providing comprehensive career development, technical support, and a full time team of qualified professionals that will be at your side to help you achieve your goals.

Throughout your career with Bailey Properties you will have access to our team of experienced real estate professionals for support.  While the business tools we offer our REALTORS® continuously evolve and improve, our enduring values provide a stable foundation for your career.

If you are seeking the freedom to create your career while benefiting from the support and resources of leaders in the industry, Bailey Properties will help you thrive.  Our REALTORS® lead full, meaningful lives because they are empowered to achieve their own success while participating to the community they call home.

Our Goal Is Your Success!

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