• Refreshed plans for a 24-unit apartment building with ground-level commercial or office space received the green light Thursday from the city's design review panel. Plans for the five-story development at 1000 S. Linwood Ave. have been in the works for close to four years, with fits and starts over its design and context as it fits into the urban fabric of Canton with its two- and three-story rowhouses and small businesses near O'Donnell Square. "We look forward to the building meshing with the…
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  • Uday Sehgal knows how to make an entrance, and we’re not just talking about what happened after he got off the plane in Nashville. Sehgal is the top local official for real estate developer AJ Capital Partners, which made its Nashville debut as one of three investors that created the Gulch’s luxury Thompson Hotel. AJ Capital has since teed up $125 million of mixed-use developments in Wedgewood-Houston and a hotel in Midtown. Sehgal, whose parents are from India, has been around the world himself — and gets around Nashville without owning a car.
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  • The Starbucks at 1134 Brown St., near the University of Dayton campus, was sold on Nov. 30.
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  • IKEA has named the contractors for its future store in Live Oak. The Swedish retailer picked Houston-based Tribble & Stephens to be construction manager on the project. The firm has built IKEA stores in the past, including the ones in Houston and Round Rock. Other firms assisting with the project include real estate brokerage Segovia Retail Group, which assisted with site selection; Stantec for civil engineering; WD Partners for architecture, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design;…
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  • The new owners are overwhelmingly from Philadelphia and the Main Line with a very small number from New York or New Jersey.
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  • Real estate investor Ethan Conrad could be forced to pay more than $2 million in civil damages, after a jury found he was overly aggressive in evicting a restaurant tenant from a strip mall in Elk Grove.
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  • Bob Richardson is one of several architects and landscape architects who have left a lasting impression on Austin, but even after all his success his family still thinks he's out there wielding a shovel and hoe. In a lengthy interview with ABJ, Richardson discusses how his career, and Austin's changing vibe, have been in lockstep.
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  • Graffiiti of every imaginable color and design is scrawled on the walls. A thick layer of dirt covers the floor, along with broken glass and debris: a box of Glad garbage bags; a Mr. Subb soda cup; an empty 12-pack carton of Milwaukee’s Best; a twisted bicycle wheel; a toilet bowl seat.
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  • More than 500 attendees are headed to Georgetown on Thursday to hear from business leaders and city officials at the 2017 Williamson County Growth Summit. A panel will discuss some of the issues affecting the rapidly growing county north of Austin and updates will be provided on major projects set to bring thousands of homes and more commercial space to the area. The panel will be moderated by State Rep. Larry Gonzales. The panelists are: This page will be updated early this afternoon once the…
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  • Angela Fox has stepped down as president and CEO of the Crystal City Business Improvement District after 11 years at the helm, according to a release issued by the BID's board of directors. The interim president is a familiar name in BID circles: Rich Bradley, formerly the executive director of the Downtown D.C. BID and a current principal of the Urban Partnership, who will "help provide executive leadership for the organization over the next four months and help shape a new strategic plan for the…
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