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At CSR, we work by referral and have built our business this way. Building our business on referrals allows us to spend our time providing clients with exceptional attention and responsiveness. Our exceptional customer service is why our clients feel confident referring their friends, family members and business associates to us. CSR is a company built on a foundation of excellence in customer service. The foundation is strengthened each day by the determination and commitment of our Brokers' and Agents' dedication.

As our customer, you will receive first-class service, unsurpassed by none - giving you the best representation, professionalism, and integrity.


CSR Commercial Celebrates 10 Years

A Decade of Rebuilding Silicon Valley

SAN JOSE, CA June 23, 2017 --- CSR Commercial Real Estate, a true pioneer, doused in dedication and loyalty to the south Bay Area of California, is elated to have reached its 10-year anniversary as a local boutique commercial real estate service, providing unique opportunities to business owners of all sorts. “It just dawned on me that CSR Commercial is 10 years strong this year…that means we are among the 4 percenters”, exclaimed Tony Odom, Managing Partner of CSR Real Estate Services & CEO of CSR Commercial Real Estate. Given that nearly 50% of businesses fail within the first year of life, 73% within the first five years and an astounding 96% within 10 years, left Tony Odom smiling to reminisce about the long journey that him and his team have overcome.

“Our growth and success is solely due to building a team with the right people”, explains Odom. This milestone is a testament to CSR Commercial Real Estate’s commitment to continued innovation and to the future of the company as well as the commercial industry at large. Looking forward, the future of CSR’s Commercial Division is infinite and limitless.

Throughout the past 10 years, CSR Commercial has generated a reputation as the go-to place that will cater to your every need on a personal level and hold your hand through every step of the way, but times were not always so bright.

In 2007, CSR Commercial Real Estate was born in the most trying of times, particularly in the real estate industry. The market crashed, businesses were closing left and right, the economic bubble busted and the “American Dream” seemingly shattered as a result of the 2007 Great Recession. While many people raised an eyebrow at Tony, who could’ve retired at the time in opposition of starting this new business sector, he simply “Did it anyway”.

Mr. Odom explains, “The struggle was really just more motivation to find a breakthrough in the struggling economy. That being said, the worst times were also the best – it’s when I really learned the most”. It was at this time smaller businesses shut down and Tony was put in a battle against the highest-performing and most well-known commercial real estate agencies in the ever-so-unforgiving Silicon Valley. Although many of his peers attempted to give Tony a sense of encouragement by saying the market surely would turn around by 2010, Tony Odom simply replied, “I don’t have that long”, and continued working to reach for the stars and marketing himself to a doubtful community. 

As a result of Mr. Odom dedicating his time to reaching out to seemingly scrambled, broken and hopeless business owners, he built trust by holding their hand every step of the way. “I figured I couldn’t change the market, but I could change the way people were reacting”, Tony clarified.

2012 slowly rolled around and that’s when things really began to change. “There was finally that light at the end of the tunnel I had been searching for”, Odom said with a smile while reflecting. He began working more with investors, explored and purchased more property, worked with high net-worth individuals and began to generate referrals through honest work. Later on, Tony Odom launched CSR Cares, a non-profit organization, benefitting children in the community with autism. This cause hit close to home as Tony Odom has four children, two with which have autism. Within that same year, CSR Commercial launched CSR Commercial Capital, providing comprehensive financial solutions, in congruence with welcoming Duane Hood, President, to the family. From there, CSR’s Commercial Division rapidly obtained key players such as Jonathan Hanhan, Nigel Endersby, Chris Reynolds and Steve Malech. Tony’s aspirations of building a strong team with the right people became a reality which is why the company continues to thrive today, having nearly ten people in its sector currently.

The future outlook for CSR Commercial is bright, with goals to expand in to different areas, develop more projects & strategies, onboard more quality agents, grow through loyally servicing clients and being even more active throughout the community.

Author: Jennifer Murdix, Director of Marketing, CSR Real Estate Services