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Bezanson Team

Bezanson Team

A local Team you can trust.

Bezanson Team

To tell you a little about us, Robin was born in San Francisco and grew up in Marin County.  My husband is a native of San Jose, growing up in South San Jose and attending Morgan Hill schools.  We both lived and worked in the Silicon Valley where we had our two children, Chris, and 2 years later Hannah.  Eventually we moved to Morgan Hill in 2002.

I began my successful Real Estate career shortly after moving to Morgan Hill.  I have been ranked in the Top 1% of successful Realtors in Santa Clara County for the last 14 years as well as being in the prestigious RE/Max Platium Club and 100% Club.

“When my children were both in school, I began my real estate career and have enjoyed every minute. Dare I say, I love my job! I enjoy being in the top 1% of agents in Santa Clara County.”

Where do my clients come from? Word of mouth mostly!  Returning clients who had previously worked with me as well as referrals from previous clients make up the majority of my thriving business.  My clients are always telling a friends and family about me and I am forever grateful!

My Philosophy is very simple, a home is more than a house.  A home is where memories live, where life’s passages are marked, accumulated in scrapbooks or by tiny pencil marks on a door frame that record the growth of a child.  A home is where the troubles of the world are left behind, where we go to share in the warmth of family, and to find the love that keeps us going every day of our life.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, we know that a home shares a lifetime of security, the laughter of children, and the tender moments that make life worth living.  It is the single largest investment we have in our lifetimes.  To purchase or to sell your family home is a decision so important, that you should only do business with someone you can trust. We would like to be that someone.

As your real estate professional, I understand the worries that accompany making such a major decision.  We will become partners in all your real estate decisions, and I will assist you by answering your questions and handling the details.  I provide the best service possible for every person I represent.  I shall be honest, loyal and sincere.

My hard work, time, and energy will be given in a helpful, caring, and professional manner so that my services will be appreciated and highly recommended.

All our best,