Jury Awards Plaintiff $289,000,000 Against Monsanto Arising Out of the Use of Roundup – Does This Impact the Real Estate Market?

Recently, a jury awarded a Plaintiff $289,000,000 against Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup, a common weed killer. Plaintiff alleged serious medical conditions arising out of exposure to Roundup, a common weed killer. Monsanto has taken the position that Roundup is safe. The question now arises as to what impact such a verdict has on the real estate market. Are sellers going to be required to disclose that they use Roundup? There are reports that plaintiffs are “lining up” to take part in future lawsuits. Are claims going to arise against sellers and/or agents for non-disclosures relating to Roundup?

It is hard to determine at this point. However, if sellers disclose that they use Roundup, agents should ensure that that fact gets disclosed.

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