Median Sales Price of Homes in Blackhawk was $1.57M for June

The median of home prices in Blackhawk. Median is often more accurate for determining the middle point of large data sets than is 'average.'

Average Sales Price of Homes in Blackhawk is $1.76M for June

The average of home prices in Blackhawk. Bear in mind these charts are essentially real time data from the MLS - if you are looking at a chart in the beginning of a calendar month, there can be large swings depending on market activity!

Days on Market in Blackhawk was 75 for June

Days on Market helps give you a sense of how rapidly inventory on the MLS is being sold. A lower number generally means high demand or low inventory levels, or both.

List to Sale Ratio for June is 97.37%

List to Sale Ratio displays the percentage of the original listing price received at sale. If a $500,000 listing sells for $480,000, the list to sale ratio is 96%. If it sold for 520,000 then it is 104%.