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Welcome to the team! We are here to help you get off to a successful start. Please check out the information below and complete the forms to get your welcome package started for you. We look forward to working with you and to paving the way to your successful partnership with Fidelity National Title.

E-Mail Signature
Ensure that your email communications reflect the professionalism and prowess that is Fidelity National Title Company. Your new email signature should include not only your contact information, but also live links to your powerful online resources such as Fidelity Agent, Reach 150, online rate calculators, personal website and more.  Please be sure that your photo meets current photography standards.  (Download guidelines HERE).
CLICK HERE to complete your online e-mail signature request (Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Oregon & Washington only.)

Personal Announcement Request
Let us share the great news! We are glad you have joined the family here at Fidelity National Title. Complete your personal announcement request and receive your announcement marketing package within 48 hours.  Please be sure to share some information about yourself so we may share a little about your professional experience, your passion AND a little about yourself.
CLICK HERE to complete your personal announcement request (Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Oregon & Washington only.)

Your Professional Photo
Your new professional headshot will be put to great use both now as you are getting started, as well as on an ongoing basis.  Please download the photography standards to ensure you capture a great photo that will apply to the many resources we have available for you including your email signature, business card, recommendations page, marketing blasts, etc.  
CLICK HERE to download the current photography guidelines

Additional Considerations
You will want to be sure to connect with your FNTG Connect Team member to get set up with a few of our key marketing resources including:
- eDesk access
- FNTG Connect Access (+ Documents Library)
- Reach 150 Account
- & MORE!
Please ask your Sales Manager for a copy of the FNT New Hire Resource Guide to help get you off to a strong start with access to our extensive library of content, directory of contacts, and catalog of marketing tools. We are glad to have you on the team!