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Leanna firmly believes that she can only serve her clients fully by having a deep understanding of what they really want to achieve in any given real estate deal. The best way to do that is to create a personal relationship that transcends the initial reasons for calling her. That means that she will be getting to know you and your family, and you will be hearing about hers. Rest assured, the day she hands her clients the keys to their new home, that will not be the last time you hear from her. Leanna is not about starting a short-term business relationship here - she truly wants to be Your Real Estate Consultant for Life.

You may have guessed from her photo that she is Vietnamese. Her family arrived in the USA when Leanna was seven (in 1979) after an arduous journey that involved several weeks on a small boat in the South China Sea, many months in refugee camps, and the miraculous day when they were finally invited to live in the USA. Since arriving here, her family members have been very successful in a variety of endeavors. They have truly embraced the "American Dream".

Leanna is married to a wonderful man, Ken Scott, and they live in San Jose. He is a Silicon Valley success story in his own right, with several successful startups to his credit. They have been together for over 10 years, and are busy living Happily Ever After.

Leanna started in real estate in 2000. Her first job was processing loans for a mortgage broker. While there, she saw virtually every aspect of home finance: correcting/adjusting a client's credit status, finding the right loan program, and working with the real estate agent and the client to close the financing. Seeing the process from the financial side first has given her a very real appreciation for the importance of financing in the home buying process. It's simple, really: no money, no sale!

Leanna transitioned to Real Estate in 2002, with a special emphasis on helping first-time home-buyers. There is no way to adequately describe the feeling of accomplishment she gets from seeing the look on her clients’ faces as they take the keys to their first home. Leanna really doesn't have to look very far to find deep satisfaction in her job. She takes great pride in the fact that many of her clients have come back to her to help them find their second home! Leanna even has some client families, where she was able to help several generations from the same family. Let Leanna guide you to the path of homeownership!

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