CMA & Marketing Plan

C.M.A. (Comparative Market Analysis) & Sample Marketing Plan
To determine the Fair Market Value of a home we prepare a CMA. To prepare the CMA we use many of the tools that a professional appraiser utilizes: comparable sold properties, pending listings, competitive listed properties, square footage, location, amenities, and the general condition of the property.
 A CMA is a report that includes the following:
Active Listings:
These are homes that are currently for sale. These listings are important because these homes are your competition for buyers.
Pending Listings:
These are listings that were active and are now under contract but have not yet closed. These are important because they are a good indication of which direction the market is moving
Sold Homes:
These are homes that have closed in the last 6 months. These are the most comparable sales and determine what is actually market value.
Expired Listings:
These will reflect the highest median sales price because they did not sell and were probably overpriced or sometimes because they were not aggressively marketed.
We compare your home to the different homes from the catagories above and that determines the price at which your home should be listed for.
Sample Marketing Plan
Now that we have explained the strategy for accuratley pricing a home, here is a breif summary of the steps we will take throughout the home selling process.
- I will meet with you and take a thourough inventory of the home and its amenities and features. I will provide a home enhancement checklist. We will review and discuss any  minor repairs and/or improvements that can be done to help sell your property for the highest price possible.
- Marketing your home most effectively begins with preparing & submitting the most accurate information to the MLS (multiple listing service). Upon inputting your property to the MLS is becomes an Active listing. I can then begin proactively promoting your home to my database, network with the best agents in the area, create maximum exposure for the property through networking, print, internet, social media, and doing Open Houses.
- Starting from the very beginning and throughout process of our transaction I will provide clear and open communication. I will provide you with an MLS printout and a draft of the property flyer to review. I will call you weekly to report any showing activity, buyer feedback and open house feedback. And we will meet periodically to review market conditions and adjust our marketing strategy  as needed to get your house sold.
- I will carefully review  and present all offers for yoru consideration, Qualify prospective buyers and research their lending options to increase the likleyhood that they can secure financing, and negotiate the strongest terms to create a solid transaction that will close on time without any surprises.
I will completely manage all of the details of your real estate transaction on a daily basis, and stay on top of all other matters to be sure your transaction closes on time with as little stress for you as possible. Upon closing I will provide you with a digital copy of the complete transaction documentation on a cd.
- After closing,  I will include you in my Client Appreciation Program. I will be there to assist you with all of your real estate needs. I will stay in touch on a monthly basis. You will able to enter in my monthly Client Appreciation Drawing for a chance to win great prizes. You can consider me your source for referrals of all types of businesses whether related to a real estate transaction or not. I have a referral network of competent professionals who I have  personally done business with  that would be happy to serve you.