Client Testimonials

Former Construction Company Co-Owner in AntiochWith my construction company circling the drain and my personal financial situation following suit, I made the decision to allow my home to go into foreclosure. I had received some bad information and believed that to be my best option.I called Trish just by chance when I was looking for a rental to move into. Trish was very helpful with the rental info but asked me why I was allowing my home to go into foreclosure. To make a long story short, my home was sold within a couple of weeks. Trish was able to get me cash for keys and money toward moving services. She handled the bank and made a very difficult situation much easier to understand and navigate.Trish O'Connell is my realtor. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell, what ever the reason.

Greg James

When I think about qualities that I admire in friends andprofessionals in The Real Estate business, I can't help but think of Trish O'Connell. I first met her when she was Sales Manager atKB Home and I was her direct report. Iwas impressed with not only her expertise in the business but what blew me awaywas her respect and caring attitude about the sales people who reported toher. I am happy to say we have remainedfriends. I have also had the opportunityto see her in action when she listed and sold a home for me in Fremont. Her ability to develop a sales strategy,which resulted in multiple offers and ultimately a higher than list price sale,was impressive. This was at a time when the market was at the lowestpoint. The integrity, dedication andenergy with which she managed this escrow, addressed issues and concerns, andovercame some major obstacles was amazing. I highly recommend her to friends, family or anyone who needs a topnotch agent to list a home for you or help you find the home of yourdreams. Trish's experience with newhomes sales in addition to the resale expertise give her an edge that mostagents do not possess. This is a person you can trust.JoAnn SalazNew Homes Sales RepresentativeKB Home

JoAnn Salaz

My name is Karen B. and I am a registered nurse. I needed to do a short sale in 2010, 2011 and Trish O'connell was recommended to me by a friend. My short sale on my house in Brentwood was finalized in March of 2011.Trish was great to work with. Whenever I had a question she would call me back and give me an answer. She relieved my anxiety going through the whole process. She was so knowledgable about everything. She was amazing! She was always on top of everything that happened, including offers that fell through, which only happened, I believe twice. What I liked most was she was always available to answer my questions. And she repeated advice to me many times Im sure, because I didn't hear her the first time! When I am ready to buy a house again I will be calling Trish. I loved her positive, uplifting manner. What can I say, she is the best there is.

Karen B.

I found Trish by accident, a friend referred me to her when I was faced with whatseemed to be an impossible situation. I had a house that seemed unsellable andwas almost underwater. I was in the middle of a nasty divorce and needed to getout from under that house as soon as possible. Trish helped me calm down, figureout an excellent game plan and put me at total ease. We got the house fixed upand on the market quickly. After a few short weeks we got an unbelievable offerand I moved on with my life.I was so impressed with Trish I asked her to help me purchase my next home. Shehelped me find my dream home all the way down in San Martin! And here’s the bestpart – that home was supposed to close but the sale fell through. Trish wastenacious enough to convince the other agent to go with us so I did get thehouse. Two miracles in a row – simply amazing.I would not hesitate to recommend Trish for listing a home or finding your dreamhome, like she did for me.


After exhausting all means to work something out with our lender, in June 2011, I contacted Trish about what options we had to short sale our home in Brentwood. In our first interview, Trish was very informative and explained how the process goes so that the "everyday" person could understand. From the start, she advised me that she would keep me posted how the progress was going and usually I heard from her at least once a week (which was very comforting). One nice thing was that she did not place a "FOR SALE" sign in the front it was not advertised to the neighborhood what our business was about. Trish basically took care of everything, and the only thing we had to do was provided the standard documents and be available to sign papers. Never did we have to make contact with our lender. Our house closed in November 2011 and it was such a relief knowing that we completed the best possible solution for a very unfortunate situation. I would highly recommend Trish to anyone who was in our situation. Mike S. (State of Ca. Employee)

Mike S.

"My name is Conor Flaherty and I work for Silver Bay Acquisitions, LLC as the fund co-manager. We are responsible for purchasing rental homes in Contra Costa and Solano Counties. I have worked with Trish for over two years now, and I have every confidence in recommending her to any prospective client. Trish is incredibly hard-working, knowledgeable, and intelligent. The reason Trish is special, however, is because she is incomparably honest, and trust-worthy. She is a person that you want on your side in any type of deal, good or bad, because she always puts her clients interests first. Trish recently helped a personal friend of mine in a deal that took up a lot of her time, and where she made little or no money. She helped the friend because it was the right thing to do.On top of her integrity, Trish is also a deal-maker. Trish knows how to make a deal happen, and is immensely capable at navigating a wide range of difficult situations that arise in any real estate transaction."Conor

Conor Flaherty