Question and Answer Regarding Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure

Question: The seller does not agree with some of the observations made by the selling agent and does not want to sign the AVID. What is the proper way to handle a situation where a principal to the transaction does not agree with comments made on an agent’s AVID?Answer: Explain to the seller

Question and Answer Regarding Confirmation of Acceptance

Question: Is the initialing of the Confirmation of Acceptance required to establish a binding contract?Answer: No. That is a professional courtesy. A binding contract is reached when the offer is accepted and the acceptance is delivered back to the offeror.Shannon B. Jones, Partner

Wire Fraud Crimes

Recently, we circulated a risk management tip regarding a recent increase in wire fraud instances. The California Department of Real Estate (“DRE”) has now published an article entitled, “Buyer, Seller, Real Estate Agents and Escrow-Holders BEWARE: Criminals are targeting your wire

New Mortgage Fraud Concerns

Recently, Fannie Mae issued an alert to mortgage brokers operating in California regarding the use of false employment information by loan applicants. Specifically, Fannie Mae targeted Northern California and identified employers whose existence could not be verified by Fannie Mae on loan

Question and Answer Regarding Handyman

Question: When can I hire a handyman versus a licensed general contractor?Answer: California Contractors’ State Licensing Board provides that the total cost, including labor and materials, for one (1) or more contracts on a single project require a contractors’ license if the cost is

Increase in Fair Housing Complaints

In the last year, approximately 30,000 housing discrimination complaints were filed in the United States. This is a slight increase from the prior year. It is estimated that there are approximately 3.7 million offenses each year. The three (3) most common complaints are concerns relating to
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